Real Time Publishing is the newest chapter in a continuing story of a desire to create. Beginning with tech as Real Time Computers - then on to music as Real Time Records, etc… to our current effort. Having worked with and for many other companies and individuals always brings me back to a need for autonomy. Here - we will feature books, articles, opinions and or personal stories from our authors and maybe even some readers. Real Time is also a support site for some ideas related to RT Publishing ideologies which are broad. It will be a place where people can ask questions specifically related to articles or books they’ve read from RTP and these topics may be anything. Since the book contents are so wide-ranging in ideas that could actually be almost anything. The “Circle of Snakes” series in general is bound only by the legalities. Anyway, if you’ve read anything here, send your brief questions which we may post to a Q and A section. To send any personal stories staying within the guidelines posted you can email them to us in a Word format. Here "Change"here is key, so keep looking!!!

R Torres

Contact Email: rttowers3@gmail.com
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