Secret Police State

Shhh… Don’t say it - we are not an entitled Evil Empire! Now; Enter the “Secret Police State” - “Authoritarian or Totalitarian?” They really are all just synonymous symbolisms in this context. And they are here in the US – I mean “right here!” Do you feel it? Now I know  no country is perfect and nor are we which really stood out to me during my research. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not anti law enforcement: but I do have a problem with “Secret Police”  illegal methods. Much of what happens here isn’t recognized as being government sanctioned let alone even existing. While reading, our constitutional justice system’s seeming antiquatedness really stood out. It reminded me that America is “STILL” always a work in progress  although many of you may have thought it ended with the eloquent Jefferson, Washington and Franklin. But just like our predecessors we still see much need for improvement - especially when  it directly affects us.

When we think “Secret Police State Countries” it conjures a lawless third world: but while researching I also read the US listed. I long ago found a project called COINTELPRO which is an abbreviation for “Counter Intelligence Program.” Actually it was meant to snare or psy-op average people like you as one intended - uninteded result. I get me because writers are always recognized legitimate targets, but what about you? Many average innocent Americans are also known to have been snared, so my guess is “anarchist” or outspoken ant-establishment type. Am I right? Some people don’t even know why – I didn’t for a long time at the beginning…

I know “COINTELPRO supposedly ended in 1971” but some of their methods were propaganda and disinformation… So if it actually continued on, what name are they using? Whatever they changed it to I only knew I was being affected by it and so began researching; Suddenly all my mysterious happenstances began to coalesce. I wasn’t being harassed by rogue law enforcement and strangers - it was all part of these nefarious organized programs. Suddenly I became aware of their existence. If any of you read about these government stylized programs it’s all clearly spelled out.

One version of history is that “Secret Police” started in18th century Europe after the French Revolution. However, I know it was actually much earlier because I’m not illiterate – they’ve been around since before governments began as crowns. But counter intelligence targets are supposed to be of politically adversarial persuasions. By their very definition “secret police states” are used as lines of defense for protection of emperors, kings and heads of state... Offensively operating outside the law they were used against real or perceived threats to suppress opposition, dissidents, anarchists, etcetera.

Their relatively long-game successes across varied dominions span generations due in part to their seemingly unfettered authority. Coercing large percentages of the oppressed population into unwittingly collaborating in their own oppressions was standard method. Unbeknownst to them however they were rising to their own peril and those of their countrymen. The use of informants is well documented for many groups like the Stasi with 500k collaborators or the NAZIs with the Gestapo incentivizing the entire citizenry. But it was going on from the beginning even before the Gestapo.

In China the Ming and then Qing dynasties were examples or the Roman and Spanish Empires all made use of operatives, collaborators and citizen informants (snitches). Spanning BCE thru AD secret policing strategy equivalents were being used to protect the interests of those in power. Sates, governments, kings, emperors, dynasties, empires and what we experience here now. The Stasi documented that 1 in every 7 citizens were somehow involved informers; attentive ears were at every social gathering and private function. I learned long ago that you should only say what you expect to be heard especially with all the electronic eavesdropping everywhere. I never forgot that and made strategic use of it during my suspected surveillances… I found out that everyone is susceptible.

Now forward to the present US because this stuff got my attention by what’s happening here. And I would say by rogues, but they’re all business as usual, just normal sentinels of a working system. So not only was I preyed upon, but I’m now also a sympathizer of others -incidentally, whose ideologies or beliefs I don’t necessarily share. Sometimes our only similarities are that I understand their frustrations and commitments to want change. We have all come to the same realizations that something smells fishy in Denver, DC, Chicago, NYC, wherever… The same things were happening to all of us - anywhere. Through use of whatever means of counter intelligence available including electronic, line of site, stealth, drones, etc... Only it’s not just happening to us, it’s happening to anyone including many braver than me – many though are going right at it offensively in self-destructively haphazard ways.

Remember that part of the model of COINTELPRO is as an archetype for other government secret policing programs like MK-Ultra, Monarch, etc… Using controversial investigative techniques for gathering information and evidence compiling or creation. They’ll bring the incriminating evidence and all you have to do is show up for a meeting as proof of conspiratorial complicity or intent. Fabricating intent is what they do – an old FBI trick – infiltrate, fabricate, compromise. Much of society is insulated by being willfully far removed. By that I mean they don’t know cause they don’t want to so they are not affected for being smart by playing dumb. By being left alone they don’t see it therefore can’t identify… They are not in the middle of the traffic so are simply passed by to witness the visible wreckage from the sidelines of the invisible empire’s secret policing agencies.

Many individuals, groups and organizations have been brought down this way. How difficult do you think it would be to infiltrate and undermine any political organization, militia, crime group or individual targeted with these tactics?

Stay Awake folks, “EVERYONE” is susceptible…








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