Synchronous Symbolic Separations Collapse

Humankind, today April 5th 2024 another synchronous annomaly occurred as I finished authoring my article about synchronicity into cyberspace. After these strange series of events an even stranger rare 4.8 magnitude earthquake  struck the Northeast US in Whitehouse Station, NJ at 10:23am. “Synchronous Symbolic Separations Collapse” actually just happened while working out these wordings. This title was the first line I posted as a comment when I heard and saw the images everyone else did. So my mind was already in a metaphysical frame when these events occurred. The sudden collapses of these unrelated symbols of separation spontaneously crumbling. The infiltrated judicial institutions as clear as day rapidly degenerating before our eyes and the bridge instantly collapsing afterward. The ironic resonances exploding like bombs bursting in air.

And so it seems that science, alchemy and nature along with Hermes’ trickster gods may have all conspired to bring forth these suspicious events. Let me not forget shady politics; but politics are suddenly now front and center secondary. As both creator and consumer of information one opportunity for me is to share my experiences. Right now the flowing undercurrents of these seemingly unrelated random events were clearly visible to me. They triggered a negative confluence of  broken bounderies here in the US. Some of our lines of separations have been corrupted by not so clear overlappping adverse interests… The judiciary once one of our society’s most honorable foundational bedrocks has been purposefully perverted from within and without. But can our eyes as witnesses to the corruption of disruptions, remain focused solely on legitimate interpretations? Creative media presentations of other’s posted are both enlightning and influential for assigining plausible blame. But in my theory they are all just related colors on the global palette of possibilites.

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Although my thought processes point nowhere absolute, the hidden intelegences’ riddles ascribe meanings for the observer’s interpretations. Yes with synchronicity although it is usually always obvious so is the responsibility for its interpretations. Fascinatingly enough “synchronicty’s” human brain element is always necessary for its perception for without minds it can’t be perceived to exist. With that said, the hidden then becomes seen in this case meaning the many flaws in our systems.

Realizing that we must do better leads me to suggest that human judges be supplimented with expert-law based AI for critical decision oversight. Since I have the opportunity, creative writing is a theraputic outlet for me. And this article coming about spontaneously by “chance” was like “kablam!” There I was minding my own business reading about laws; human rights, civil and history related to our American ways of life. Then these events occurred almost simultaneously telling me a story…

Whilst putting together some ideas this article seemingly falls from yesteryears’s clouds. I’m combing the media for different higher US court proceedings before the many different judges - thinking some of the judiciary’s separations are compromised and then blam. A cargo ship traversing beneath the Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, MD mysteriously loses power and strikes it. The bridge collapses and then they say Francis Scott Key was the writer of the “Star Spangled Banner” our national anthem; more “freaky” symboligies –right? You know, the entire picture spewed symbolic simultaneities; the self induced collapse of our jucicial systems’ integrity then the actual tangible bridge collapse. So while my thinking’s already expanded I’m seeing a metaphysical pre-space fingerprint all over and around it with synchronicites mounting in real time.

Suddenly conspiracies start popping up all over the web: being practicle myself, I’m sticking with the “natural sceintific metaphysical” angle. Open to the ideas of others I’m also noting the sabotage or terrorism being staged. Some presentions were convincing – similar to the Twin Towers videos of Tower 7 falling on it’s own? Anyways looking deeper, it’s morning already - I’m just about to shut down when I feel the ground rolling. Am I imagining things? Turning on the news: “Earthquake!” Are you kidding me right now - is this real - In CT? Actually it was real and a rare event in the Northeast US. This just gets weirder and more synchronous timing from the mysterious ether and beyond. Loki is being mighty tricky today my friends, I know enough about gods, magical thinking, mysticism... I did see other‘s opinions as ideas to ponder - although some of them seem plausible. However, my thinking on sychronicity has always been clear - assigning no blame. The collective consciousness or David Bohm’s unorthodox “pre-space” physics incorporates everything beforehand and uses it to unfold itself into our dimensional material reality. Beyond the scope of this article but and now with one more inclusion, are pre-molecular, subatomic, thought, consciousness, existence itself. Eveything now to include earthquake; before it happens – deep in the flow for unknowable reasons…

My beliefs are that although we are all observers in a shared common dimensional space we have unique individual viewpoints, I’ve told about and researched all of this for many past large magazine articles. It’s times and events like these viewing the whims of gods that it’s all about the creator’s bigger picture. Here in my little world my article title is this one because iconic symbollisms everywhere just kept reinforcing it. As the narator I agree with a lot of the established mainstream scientist’s advanced ideas and cutting edge hypotheses. Of course all that can be known have yet to be revealed, while the conspiracy theories have already begun. I’m sure all that can be known may never be - but it was enough for someone like me to point out the obvious natural implied connections of these crazy current series of events.

I mean the “Synchronous Symbolic Separtions Collapse” is my interprtation not my reasonings of or methods on arriving at them. Although they have always been factors, I have never stated my complex methodologies and have often just been satisfied with personal suppositions. BTW, Whitehouse Station was the epicenter of the earthquake. So far can anyone else look at the entire picture to read the story’s message being told by the universal consciousness?
---Written by the author Robert Torres (2024)









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