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Do any of you write articles or stories, or even for personal art creatively? I did or do and still do. This article I just thought of to write is about yours and my writing skills. Me, I always used to write since I was in elementary school and then on I continued but just for fun… Actually; like poems for girls – whaaa…. And the time passes and so we evolved as we became graduate adults. Writing ability hopefully followed that growth – but now as always, as many of you can tell, I just wing it.

Don’t want to bum you out, but yes, along come legalities, school, bills, property, agreements “,contracts” – all of them… In the case of this article I’m talking about your important legal obligations; explicit, implicit or otherwise by default legally binding.

Now first of all, I also don’t want to mislead you so right up-front I did write a lot creatively and had music lyrics published in stuff which led to articles for magazines. But even here it’s about your personalized editorial touch; so I guess it’s all creative. My forking began with freelance content for my own websites along the way. And you know what happened? People already familiar with my lyric writing along with others began to read my articles – even people who never heard my lyrics. A regional magazine publisher heard about me through a musician friend and wanted me to submit some example music reviews. To my surprise, he printed all of them and gave me a monthly reviews column.

In the interim many other magazines printed some of my social, science, philosophy, quantum hypotheses and other articles. They were often offering me other paid writing opportunities. In this Epoch existed a Nexus - it was a Phenomenon like a New Dawn shone for my writing (pun intended). A new exciting fork in the road suddenly appeared; the types and sizes of zines I found impressive suffice it to say; for this novice. However being realistic, this would prove too daunting to undertake knowing the effort it would require; it wouldn’t be fair to any of us. I love to write and all as a freelance but I know my own limitations. Too much juggling of my commitments without forcing my already stretched creative processes.

Anyway, I was invited to attend a course one of my publishers was teaching at a local CT college on desktop publishing. Then I went to another local New Haven writing course at “Gateway” college called “Rhetoric.”

So even though I was now already a published magazine writer, I thought a little education might teach me something. Yes, I finished both short courses and am now writing to tell you that doing it right or better being the goal you should strive to be your best. Because, when it came to writing all my legal stuff like contracts, agreements, causes - aggressive defenses became an important necessity to my personal growth, sanity and peace…

I am convinced that “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” while responding to our daily challenges: reasonable options are limited. So then words as defensive weapons will have to be honed sharp and used carefully but pointedly. Because weapons are what you’re going to need and when it comes to justice I found words work best. My writing aspirations were never supposed to be about bashing my country but our populaces are a dichotomy. Here with our allegiances to constitutional, civil and human rights we are given a great opportunity. Along with it come great responsibilities to say many of the things that so many others throughout the world cannot. Surely in our own personal affairs we are obliged to do so for the sakes of ourselves as well as others.

Along with all that great responsibility we have to try harder for everyone else in the [free world] who can’t. Solutions? For me; I can only speak some words for our brethren that don’t know how … Don’t get me wrong, even many of the people reading my words still think they do. Yes, and many very intelligent people are smart enough, confident enough and speak well enough. This though here is US law and it can get very finicky, so even the best lawyers will often need assistance to finesse our blind justice. Oh, and but letting the world know you exist doesn’t hurt your cause either. I’m sure many of you are convinced that certain boundaries keep us all at the same level. I believe saying it loud and intelligently as far and wide as you can helps level the playing field as a departure from everyone else.

My beliefs are that our laws aren’t equal for everyone. Usually we are divided by class in my opinion based on US historic events. From early on the moral fabric and ethical struggles which defined our very lines of existences were the ones our founders used to delineate our boundaries on land and laws. With all the intended equalizing languages tediously written into our constitution, bill of rights, human rights, case laws, etc… The wisdom runs deeply and were lived right from our very founding and right through our very intellectual lineages “We The People” remember? It means “us,” all of us, without distinctions - it means you too.

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon so I experienced many of the disparities I saw around me occurring in our systems including our legal ones. Treatments – do we still believe? Even when it comes to precedence setting case selection choices – everything; even having nothing to do with us – remain set in motion years ago and still run deep.                                                                        
Self-educate when you won’t learn it in school and you sometimes can’t start late!!! But always keep in mind; a good legal team can sometimes also alternatively get good results for a price… Though I never used one…







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