Synchronous Symbolic Separations Collapse

Humankind, today April 5th 2024 another synchronous annomaly occurred as I finished authoring my article about synchronicity into cyberspace.


R U Educatabel?

Are the educable - educatable?Since “knowing” is teachable - I ask then; are we all teachable? 



Secret Police State

Shhh... Don’t say it - we are not an entitled Evil Empire! Now; Enter the “Secret Police State” - “Authoritarian or Totalitarian?” They really are all just synonymous symbolisms in this context.

Write For Impact

Do any of you write articles or stories, or even for personal art creatively? I did or do and still do. This article I just thought of to write is about yours and my writing skills.

Purpose Matters

Does anything really matter to you or to me? You know I didn’t aspire to be a motivational speaker, writer or what have you.

Con-Fusion Centers

Have you ever heard of the FBI Fusion Centers? Well of course I have too, but I’ll have to advise you to file this under disinformation. 

History Sets Precedence

Well I hope you all know by now that we are a country and world ruled by history and history by precedent. Precedent in this case are our unique citations for examples of laws.

Normal Sanity

I get many people writing me that everything happening to them sounds too crazy to tell anyone -no one would ever believe it. It’s very common - even today, don’t tell anyone but many of the same things also happened to me.

The Writer

I don’t know how I got caught up in this with the rest of you cause all I wanted to do was write: which is what I was doing. And well here I ended-up “hijacked!” like you.

All Good Things; Synopsis

This abbreviated synopsis of the original article is for those that don’t like to read a lot. It’s going to take some effort and determination. Luck maybe? Movement definitely and also action.

Time Entanglement and the Supernatural

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” ~Nietzche
as the observers we become – one with the observed.

US Military Brain Scan Technology

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” ~Nietzche
as the observers we become – one with the observed.

Don't call it Empire

from COS 4 - Chapter 14
So, we have arrived at our destination and just in time too! Didn’t have the intention to write about some of this but it happened. The story is also the solution; It could be right?


--- Pronounced; "tyrany" or "TI- Irony" or any play on the word... It's about endings ---

Self Reliance

This updated article is based on several others magazine articles I’ve published, like “Communication Through Time.” Never ending hypotheses do exist I think!

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